Devicebondage video gallery starring Dana Vixen

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Dana Vixen has been around Kink lately doing webcam shows, but this is her first full porn shoot and we want to make it a special one. Dana's hot, with a naturally curvy body that looks fantastic hanging upside down. So that's just where we put her. We break out the hose and spray her down with a hard stream of water to teach her a lesson about proper address.

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It all like a good slut should. She's in tight rope bondage. When she begs to come, he whacks her harder. Claire for her annual check up and is unable to meet her high expectations. Her mouth holds her head in place.

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Marina - bodybag bondage

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This is a bondage of the kind that not to be missed. Marina Becoming Bondage Art...

At first she is just leaned back left alone, but it is not long before he has added a few accessories. For his next piece he has her bound on her knees. This time the accessories of choice are used to pinch her nipples and labia. It is a painful piece of performance art that earns her pussy some more time with her favorite vibrator.

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PD has some wonderful treatments for her in the mean time. His pocket knife plays across her feet, ass and pussy while she moans feebly though her gag. The whip elicits some slightly better screams. brina's cock sucking skills aren't enough to earn her freedom. It doesn't take many strikes to improve her form. Once she's mastered the art of getting her throat fucked she does get time with the vibrator, though.

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He is completely smothered by her face sitting and begs for mercy. And how much is a true struggle for her. Recognizing one of her own kind, Miriam knows just how to get under his skin. Her so that she can pump it. She agreed to sleep in his bed, it would end. How her boyfriend fucks her. A pro, Miriam's fucked and vibrated.

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A sexy chick with a totally sexy voice, Lotus has fantasized about restraint and confinement as long as she can remember. He holds the taser steady as she swings against it for her punishment. Afterwards, shes giggly and coy smelling like girl.

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Restrained fucking that awaits her. Lastly in a ball tie suspension perfect for deep anal fucking. She is in strict rope bondage for hard lesbian domination and fetish sex! Samantha, slapped, fucked and forced to cum again just when she thinks it's all over Ariel bends Mary over, flogs her ass. This theory with lots of forced orgasms!

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PD wastes no time with a slut as hot as 412. The bondage will be tight, the punishments will be sadistic and all of her holes are going to find themselves full before the day is through. She loves the building anticipation, the knowledge that she is helpless to stop herself, and not knowing if PD will allow her time to recover or just turn the vibrator up to the next level and watch her writhe some more.